Intensive English 4 Executive needs

Intensive 5-7 day Executive business English course in the UK.

What to expect in the classroom:

Working in a small group you will concentrate on a series of carefully planned activities designed to improve fluency, develop English grammar and improve the professional vocabulary necessary to participate in business meetings and negotiations.

A systematic approach will be used to refresh all the main areas of English grammar. Your improvement will be monitored and your trainer will supply you with continuous feedback. A written test will be carried out at the end of each grammatical activity giving you a tool to help measure your own improvement.

During the classroom sessions each participant will have several opportunities to prepare presentations about an area of their business. After lunch you will then be able to meet one of our visiting partners and deliver your presentation to him.

These meetings with a wide variety of local business people, on a day-to-day basis, will supply the perfect platform to further develop your intercultural sensitivity.

And finally, working in such a personal and challenging atmosphere will guarantee you more confidence in speaking and understanding the English language.
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